Lizzie Baur

The de Young Open
Identity System, 2023

The de Young Open is a triennial at the de Young museum designed to celebrate and support local arts communities by featuring artists exclusively from the nine Bay Area counties. For the exhibition identity, I developed a five-shade monochromatic color palette to reflect the radical ecclecticism of this exhibition, emphasize fluidity, multiplicity, and diversity. The bright and cheerful choice of colors were also selected to feel welcoming and inclusive. 

Exhibited artworks are hung “salon-style,” installed nearly edge to edge and floor to ceiling, in order to maximize the number of works displayed. The design system I developed to promote the exhibition is a flexible grid system that mimics a salon-style hang in 2D form.

Each for design, I would create a customized grid that prioritizes retaining the original dimensions of the artworks we want to feature and then building the rest of the information around those elements. The title of the exhibition would occupy a section of the grid, featuring the monochromatic color palette that most compliments the imagery. The title also needed to behave flexibly and respond to the grid shape it occupies.

Typeset in Akzidenz Grotesk and Signifier. Installation photography by Gary Sexton.